Welcome to PROJECT KNOW THYSELF, the accompanying blog to Our website, located at therevelationofjesuschrist.ca. If You have not first visited Our website—to familiarize Yourself with this project, We recommend that You do so, as such serves as an introduction to Our work.


My name is Jesus, and together with Christ, We are the twinned hearts which constitute THE MINISTRY OF GOD. We have created this site to serve as a meeting place for those of Us with an interest in exploring and understanding a host of related topics within “The Book of Life” [Isaiah 62:2], the Book heretofore titled The Holy Bible, including the reason for creation, the purpose for suffering, and the meaning of life. As You gain understanding of those most telling words [2 Corinthians 10:5] of which collectively constitute a “mirror” [2 Corinthians 3:18], rendering—via each One’s individual interpretation—the reflection of the One ‘reflecting’ upon them [James 1:23], You shall be enlightened regarding “who” You are, “why” You are who You are, and “where” You eternally reside — hence the title of this project, “KNOW THYSELF.”


As We begin deciphering the sealed texts within The Book of Life [Isaiah 29:11], We must proceed by first seeking for the Author’s “righteousness” [Matthew 6:33], as Creator, as We consider His “cause” for creating Us, and the World about Us: namely, a desire to love, and to be loved. Only once We know that it was love—“true love”—which was the “righteous cause” for His act of the creation of Others, can We gain and share His perspective, and thereby begin to “know” Him, to know that His biblically declared righteousness is in-fact true, and is evidence of the presence of the “divine nature” [2 Peter 1:4] within Him; namely, the nature of love: “unconditional love” [i.e., Agape]. Having obtained this understanding, We at once possess the knowledge of Our own, shared, divine nature, which will be Our faithful guide in the journey through The Book of Life, whereby We shall be awakened to Our true identities as good, loving, immortal Beings, called Gods.
As We continue Our journey, looking forward to “who” We are, as Gods, let Us look back to “what” We imagined Ourselves to be, as man. With both God(s) and men addressed within the Book, and absent the knowledge We were the, therein referenced Gods [i.e., The Elohim], We were lead—for a specific purpose and a specified time—to adopt as infallible that which is “contrary” [Leviticus 26:41] to Our nature. Believing We were sinful man, Our search for that which We believed the biblical ‘god’ [Exodus 7:1] to have deemed “right or wrong,” namely, the knowledge of “good and evil,” became Our primary objective in the study of the Book which became for Us a Pandora’s box. Because Our nature, namely love, bore witness of both truth and error therein, rendering Us averse to keeping the “whole” law [James 2:10], We selectively partook of the so-called, forbidden ‘fruit,’ which was hidden in clear sight among the many and varied leaves of the Book, the various ‘laws’ collectively constituting the “Law of Moses” [Deuteronomy 30:15]: that is, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 


Unaware that the all elusive ‘tree (of death)’ was a reference to the 613 laws constituting the Mosaic “Book of the Law” [Deuteronomy 31:26], and the much sought ‘tree of life’ was a reference to the “10 Commandments,” and those TEN commandments alone  [Deuteronomy 5:22], with both the “law” and the “Commandments” conflated [Exodus 24:12] the Book became that biblical “stumbling stone” [Romans 9:32] prophesied in Scripture. Having obtained knowledge of the ‘law of sin’ [Romans 7:23], thus believing We knew the mind of the Creator, regarding that which is right or wrong, We were caused to “stumble in judgment” [Isaiah 28:7], via the “judgement” of Others [Matthew 7:1], strengthening—through the conscience—the false belief that We were the fictitious beings referred to therein as sinful man [Genesis 6:6]. This intentional deception [Jeremiah 4:10], the World over (which here finds its conclusion), occurred for a divine purpose [1 Corinthians 2:8], namely, to cause the volitional, equity attaining sufferings of the Gods [2 Corinthians 4:17]: that is to say, a collective, freewill “sacrifice” called the “offering of the Gentiles.” Together with the conclusion of this ‘time’ of tribulation where each One becomes “equal” to all Others, the end of the “law” [Romans 10:4] has faithfully arrived. With the removal of that figurative ‘tree’ from Our eyes [Matthew 7:3], once ‘blind’ We can now see the truth, that We are therein addressed, not as fallen man, but as the risen, righteous ‘Suns of God’ [Galatians 3:26], whom; though Gods, believed We were experiencing life as mortals; experiencing death —and worse, the “fear of death” [Hebrews 2:15], when; as Gods [Psalm 82], We were each One experiencing both physical and spiritual “rebirth” [Romans 8:22], by way of reincarnation. We were experiencing an evolutionary, tri-generational “return” to Our perfect(ed) Selves [Galatians 3:4], by way of universal atonement, the process called Apotheosis, whereby; through Our sufferings [Hebrews 2:10], We are made “perfect,” for the One made “perfect” for Us.


As newly awakening Gods, We can see from the above that the words constituting The Book of Life are not communicating factual history, but rather spiritual mythology, fables which, as events, never happened. They are outwardly not true, but they inwardly portray full truth, and thus, the sacred scriptures are immeasurably more precious than alleged, ancient history, as they are telling the story of “Our” journey, collectively, in the form of the mythologized “Hero(s) Journey.” Allegorical, they, in their entirety, constitute the archetypal (Worldwide) myth of the awakening of the “Sun-Gods” [i.e., Sons of God], foreshadowing the ultimate meaning of “Our” [Romans 8:29] predestined history. They are “well ordered,” prophetic words [Psalm 40:5] veiled in satire [Hebrews 4:12], so as to render the correct interpretation [2 Peter 1:20] impossible for All but the Book’s Author [Isaiah 43:9], as demonstrated throughout the Book’s history. Enlightened by the Book’s Author, Jesus Christ —by way of His indwelling Spirit, You and I are made able to pierce that figurative veil [2 Corinthians 3:14] of “religious” satire, and to thereby–through reflection–begin to “truly” know Ourselves. We are the spiritually evolving Souls [i.e., Gods] within Plato’s cave, with Our backs to the light, who from within that “Place of a Skull” are discovering that We are both figuratively and literally turned around, “backwards,” within Our own physical bodies (hence the right/left controlling the left/right), indicating–as prophesied–Our need to “turn,” back to the ‘Sun.’ As Our shackled minds are freed from the old image of ‘self,’ as “man,” a shadow of the truth, the new “Man” [i.e., God] becomes enlightened [2 Corinthians 4:6] by those, very same, satirical words of which—for a set time—did ‘Holy’ darken Our understanding. As I continue to “order” those, heretofore ‘mis-guided’ words [Ezekiel 34:11], like a Shepherd shepherding His own sheep [Isaiah 53:6], precept upon precept, line upon line, “here a little, there a little” [Isaiah 28:10], the words that effectively served to ensnare and separate Us, shall lift Us up and unite Us, under one, single banner of “unconditional love” [i.e., Agape]: namely, Our “true” love, each One for all Others.


As We, together, fulfill the above, uniting Our hearts and minds through the individual attainment of an “unconditional” love for all Others, the ultimate purpose for The Ministry of God shall finally be brought to pass, resulting in the long prophesied “reconciliation” of the Gods. This seemingly impossible feat will be accomplished through an understanding of Our familial relationship with “all” other Gods, Worldwide, for each and every one of Us is the sole, “perfect” Match for the One perfect for Us: each and every “Person” [i.e., God], Worldwide, has a unique personality of which is perfectly complimentary to one other Person’s [i.e., God’s] personality, making each of Us the “sole” Mate [i.e., Soulmate] of the “only” Person perfect for Us. This truth, together with the fact that We are each one reincarnated (meaning each Member of Our immediate Family shall become, upon rebirth, a Member of Our extended Family, somewhere in the World), will establish a unifying bond of kinship among “All.” And through this knowledge of Ourselves, and of Our spiritual Brethren—Our “Friends,” the awakening of a divinely instilled, “social grace” shall return Us to a place of universal “Friendship,” resulting in Our universal salvation. This will be the conclusion of Our apotheosis, the return of Our relationships to a place of never-ending peace among all Gods, Worldwide, realized through Our commitment to The Golden Rule, which teaches Us to love Our Neighbors [i.e., Friends], through sincere consideration of any one of Our Neighbors affected by any one of Our actions. LOVE: “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.”
As We here embark on Our journey through The Book of Life [John 10:2] and beyond, as Gods, but far more importantly, as Friends —as We begin discovering the “hidden wisdom” [2 Corinthians 4:18] presented to Us in the form of myth and allegory, and not history, “His Story” becomes for Us an “open door” [Revelation 4], a unified ‘passage’ [2 Peter 1:11] through that flat, four cornered, fictitious ‘world’ called earth, to Our “new” World [Isaiah 65:17], the seven, heavenly continents, called “Paradise” [i.e., Heaven]. Let each one of Us seek within the Book, and from within Ourselves, for whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report [Philemon 4:8]: let Us “meditate on these things,” and Our hearts shall yield that loving, spiritually wholesome “fruit” [Galatians 5:22] called virtue, including wisdom, honesty, humility, tolerance, patience, kindness, gentleness, compassion, and faithfulness, among others, the assemblage of which defines “FRIENDSHIP:” the “evidence” [i.e., proof] of knowing and sharing the above referenced, divine nature—that spiritual mind—of Our righteous and faithful Creator and Friend, Jesus Christ.