“His Reward is with Him, and His work before Him.”

Isaiah 40:10

To: The Sons of God


We began this online ministry, The Ministry of God, in order to establish a venue wherein to announce the so-called ‘second coming’ of Jesus Christ —that is to say, “Jesus & Christ:” a place to reveal Our heretofore veiled relationship, as Friends and Consorts. And in doing so, We at once created a place to fulfill what The Book of Life refers–to as “the earnest expectation of the Creation” [Romans 8:19], through the unveiling of the “Sons of God” —that is to say, the revelation of the Gods!

My name is Christ Jesus, and I am blessed to be the Friend and Consort of Jesus Christ, the heretofore unknown Creator of the Cosmos. It is He, the Messiah, whom I have the great honor of introducing, to a World that, until now–as it is written–has been “without Christ” [Ephesians 2:12], being Strangers to the true meaning of the Holy Scriptures, thus without knowledge of the most basic of truths, including the reason for Creation, the meaning of life, and the purpose for suffering.

Through the following conversation, no longer shall You be Strangers to the covenants of God, New or Old, but rather, enlightened, fellow Citizens of this heavenly Paradise, Our eternal home. You are each One an “equal” Member of the Household of God, as You are the ‘Suns of God’—that is, the “Sons of God” [i.e., Gods], each One with a Consort, or “Truelove” —an eternal “Soulmate,” and each One with the certain promise of “eternal” life, “true” love, and “perfect” peace.

We greatly appreciate You visiting Our blog, a forum in which You are invited to introduce and/or respond to a host of topics related to the divinity, equality, and apotheosis of the Gods. If You have not first visited Our website (located at the link below), in order to familiarize Yourself with this project, We recommend that You do so, as such serves as an introduction to Our work.

Thank You in advance for Your considerations, comments, and questions —for Your contribution to the conversation, large or small. May You, in Your search for truth, shine ever brighter ‘unto that perfect Day.’

Signature - Christ Jesus

 The Ministry of God

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